Hot Water Systems Docklands

Newlands & Knights is your go-to services provider for hot water systems in Docklands and surrounds. We offer a full range of hot water services including installations, maintenance, repairs, and consultations for our domestic, commercial and industrial clients. We offer prompt and professional service with the most skilled and experienced hot water plumber Docklands has to offer to properly install, fix, or maintain your hot water supply.

Hot Water Service Repairs

Our team at Newlands & Knights will assess the problem with your hot water service and always endeavour to repair the unit first if possible. However if the unit is irreparable, all hope is not lost. Newlands & Knights are simply and easily able to supply and install a new unit.

Hot Water System Replacement

When replacing your existing hot water unit, we will advise you on which brands and units would best suit your needs, taking into consideration, family size, efficiency, and budget. Always running out of hot water? Your hot water unit may be undersized for your requirements.

Gas & Electric Hot Water Systems

Newlands & Knights is experienced in all gas and electric hot water systems, providing solutions for hot water system installation, repair and replacement.

Instantaneous Hot Water System

The hot water system heats the water as it is used and hence it never runs out. By heating the water as it is used, your gas usage becomes more efficient, lowering those bills. Instantaneous hot water systems are often desired by larger families where there is a higher demand for hot water. It is also suitable for a small household where there may be space limitations to store a hot water tank.

Same Day Service

At Newlands & Knights we understand the importance hot water is to you and your family. That is why we offer same day service to repair or replace your hot water service.