Roof Plumbing Essendon

Newlands & Knights has the most skilled and experienced team offering reliable roof plumbing in Essendon and surrounds.  As such, we have the capability of providing a full range of roofing services including installations, maintenance and repairs for our domestic, commercial, industrial and real estate clients .

Roof Repair and Restoration

Our team at Newlands & Knights has the skill, knowledge and equipment to competently locate faults and repair any roof problem. We efficiently diagnose the problem and aim to find a professional resolution to repair your roof permanently. Essendon is also well known for its unpredictable weather, and storm damage to your roof may often require prompt attention. This is why you need the best service provider of roof repairs Essendon homes and businesses trust. From the most simple roof leak repair to complete restoration, we are your best choice.


Newlands & Knights offer services to save you from climbing on that ladder each year to clear out your gutters. A good time to organise clearing out gutters would be after autumn, once the trees have finished dropping there leaves. If gutters are left unattended they can build up leaf material and dirt very easily. This becomes a problem in the wetter months as blocked gutters are unable to divert the water from your roof to your down pipes and therefore overflow which is not ideal. If left for a long period of time your gutters can rust through completely and will then need to be replaced. This is when you need to call  the best in roof and gutter repair in Essendon.

Down Pipes & Spouting

At Newlands & Knights, we can clear seal or replace, blocked, leaking or damaged down pipes and spouting. Down pipes and spouting are important methods of directing rainwater to either your storm water or rainwater tanks. Keeping water away from the footings of your house is essential to the structural integrity of the building.

Roof Leaks

Newlands & Knights use a systematic approach when it comes to diagnosing and finding the source of a leak. Through proven testing methods, we are able to successfully locate and pinpoint roof leaks. After the repair has been made we retest to ensure a watertight result and peace of mind.

Common signs of a roof leak would be:
  • Change in colour of ceiling creating a water mark
  • Water finding a low point and dripping through the ceiling
  • Water running down the walls
  • Water leaking through the light fittings
Flashing Repairs & Replacement

Newlands & Knights can easily repair, or replace missing or damaged Flashing and Capping. Commonly caused by high winds or poor workmanship upon installation.